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Banana Creme Wax


After a good car wash your car is clean, so what happens in the next couple of days when your car is exposed to dirt on the road? Keeping your car cleaner, longer is always the ultimate goal after a car wash. With the Banana Crème Wax you can do just that! It provides a thicker layer of protection for the paint. Once the wax has been applied it should be buffed out due to the thicker texture it has, which is why it provides longer protection. There is no need to wonder if it will damage plastic and rubber surrounding the paint because it does not.  Actually, what it is going to do is protect the paint and leave a gloss as the finishing touch.


  • Keep your car cleaner longer
  • Provides thick layer of  protection for the paint
  • Has to be buffed out after application
  • Provides longer protection 
  • Will not damage plastic and rubber surround paint
  • It protects paint and leaves a gloss finish

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16oz, Gallon


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