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Leather Conditioner


The Leather Conditioner restores and protects leather to leave a like-new surface. For those of you who love your car, it is very important that any products you use on your car will not damage it. The Leather Conditioner does not contain harsh chemicals, it can actually be used for all types of leather; old and new. It won’t dry out the leather but at the same time will not leave a soapy residue behind. What it does it help prevent against fading no matter the color of the surface. You can even use it to help reduce stains. When you are finished applying it there is no chemical smell, but only your car’s natural smell. It also keeps working to protect against sunlight damage and UV ray damage. 


  • Will not damage surface
  • No harsh chemicals 
  • Can be used on new and old leather
  • Does not dry out leather
  • No soapy residue
  • Helps prevent fading
  • Reduce stains
  • Protection against sunlight damage

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32, Gallon


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